Universum: War Front - Action, RTS, RPG in one Space Epic

NOTE: This game is still in development and this area are UNDER CONSTRUCTION. All information is presented here only as the expected concept and possibly will be changed over time.
When you played strategy games, did you ever wish to come down and keep the enemy at gunpoint in dynamic battles? In Universum you can:
 - Command your troops on high or come down and keep the enemy at gunpoint in dynamic battles.
 - Fight in 5 dimensions: ground, air, underground, open space, underwater.

 - Play infantry, vehicles, mechs or alien creatures.

- Customize your character and research new technologies.
 - Enjoy beautiful graphics, realistic physics and incredible visual effects.
And all of this, on the beautiful landscapes of alien planets with their unique nature environment, physics and disasters, in the huge world of Universum.
Much more? Explore a global map of the universe, where your space troops will be able to resolve the dispute who will rule the Earth and the galaxy tomorrow..
INTERACTIVE DEVELOPMENT gives the funders unique opportunity to adjust direction of the project creation in compliance with their wishes!
We are planning to release the game step-by-step. First we will release early access version of the game in minimum complete set, after that in each updates we will add to it more assets and functions, if we reach appropriate goals here with your help.
In our Community, we have a special system to consider your decisions and suggestions. We have contests and development direction polls that would take into account the opinion of each funder. As a result, the game will turn out as You want it to be!
What distinguishes Universum from other ARTS games?
- Switchable on fly FPS/RTS control
Develop your base, grow a strong army, send your troops into the enemy camp, but at any time come down, control your main characters directly and keep the enemy at gunpoint in dynamic battles with realistic physics and beautiful visual effects. See what you character sees!
- Variety types of Maps and Units
Several planets with their unique nature and variety of maps based on it. (Not only Dota-style maps! Survival and deathmatch maps also planned.)
A variety types of units: high-tech vehicles, magic and incredible alien creatures meet at the battlefield.
- Global World
Add some mmo elements to gameplay with a huge map of the universe where, together with other players, you can create a new history of the world.

- Single player campaign
Lead your heroes through the fascinating storyline of the game.

- Transformations
Walk along the ground, fly into the air, dig into the ground, dive under the water, teleport in open space. Move at high speed in all directions and destroy your enemies everywhere!

- Tactical Nukes ;)

- No pay for win!

PROLOGUE: Interstellar Crusade
 This is a story about our probable future, and about what can happen after the beginning of space expansion and after the first contact with aliens. We look forward and ask a question: "What would happen if mankind lost Earth and will they be able to capture their home planet back?" This game is about choosing a path for human evolution. Storyline of Universum based on the book written by our project lead, Cyril Megem, created with deep sense and  narrative.

 In 2050 global crisis of production resources came to overpopulated Earth. Genetic modifications and implantation entered into the life of humanity. The need for colonization and resource extraction on distant planets became apparent to united government of Earth - "New Colonial Republic".  When the world's largest resource-processing corporation TerraKorp launched a planets-colonization project called "Universum" many volunteers and adventurers rushed to the most remote parts of the galaxy in search of the resource-rich planets.
 By 2075 whe most of the human population lived outside of the Earth on distant planets, earthly government has become difficult to control their colonies. On most of the colonial planets began insurrections and territorial wars. And then humanity first faced the greatest horror in the universe..
Unknown till now alien civilization started to conquer humans planets one by one. People must unite in the fight against the enemy, but instead separatists and large corporations took advantage of the protracted conflict for their own purposes. This lasted until humans lost most of their colonies, and there was a threat of destruction of the planet Earth. Most of the Earth citizens has been evacuated to nearby planets. Homeplanet was preparing to devastating invasion. Humans realized that they must unite in order to survive or they will disappear..

An amazing interstellar adventure waits! Be a republican guard, mercenary of corporations, bounty hunter, rebel or a warrior from alien civilization and find out who will rule the universe tomorrow.

"Build your base, grow a huge army, send your troops into the enemy camp, and then come down, control your character directly and keep the enemy at gunpoint in dynamic battles!"
Single Player Campagin
 Lead your heroes thru the fascinating storyline of the game. Take part in all the most significant battles in the universe. Try FPS, RTS and RPG gameplays in different missions.

First/Third person control (FPS/TPS)
 Keep the enemy at gunpoint like in Battlefield or Call of Duty! Control the movement and aiming player weapons in high dynamic battles with realistic physics and beautiful visual effects. See what you character sees! Switch between first/third/strategy control on fly.
Reat-time Strategy elements (ARTS)
Choose and customize the units, which will be produced your on defensive buildings. Build defensive structures, create obstacles against the enemy.
Grow massive armies, command them and conquer.

Next generation TODAY! Using Unity3D engine, DirectX 11 and Nvidia PhysiX allows us to create a modern graphics, physical and visual effects for AAA-quality game.
- Beautiful and realistic art and animations
- High detailed 3D models and high resolution textures
- Shaders model 5.0 for skin subsurface scattering, tessellation, volume textures, etc.
- High Quality Rendering with DirectX 11, lot of impressive visual effects and post processing
- Realistic physics simulation with Nvidia PhysiX for high dynamics battles
- Advanced artificial intelligence for computer controlled units
- Multi-platforming engine for PC, iOS, Android, PlayStation, XBox
- Flexible graphics quality settings allowing to adapt the performance of the game for almost any computer on fly



Lot of characters vehicles and structures
Choose your hero among many different types of characters and vehicles with their unique tactics of warfare: infantry, ground and aerial equipment or unusual alien creatures.



Thousands variations of weapons, abilities and special items
Really big guns, Tactical Nukes, alien biological weapons, powerful rockets, psionic and energy, high-tech and old school weapons, all at your disposal.


Your character will grow, constantly gathering experience, money and moving through the ranks. He will have generic parameters such as power, health, armor, intelligence and unique parameters. Every parameter affects gameplay in its own way. Levels are giving access to new abilities, weapons and other items.


Extra abilities for each characters
Transformation, morphing, jetpacks, invisibility, teleportation, mutation, force fields, underground movement and more. Each character is endowed with the unique ability available only for him.


Command huge armies and large constructions of bases
Hundreds of player controlled and ai controlled units in one battle. Large flying command centers and walking alien bases.
Amazing landscapes
Each planet has its unique nature, whether it's an amazing alien landscapes, lush jungles, flying islands, deserts dotted with craters, volcanoes, underwater, space stations or urban landscapes of cities of the future. You will never get tired of traveling and discovering new horizons!

Dynamic weather
Full day/night cycle and dynamic clouds and weather changes: rain, fog snow etc. The world around us will change before your eyes! 

Fully destroyable game level
Destroy everything in your path, stones, rocks, buildings, vegetation, all responding to the collision and hit shots with impressive and realistic physics effects.

Natural disasters
Volcanic eruptions, meteorites, tornado, flood, fire, earthquake and unknown paranormal. Feel the destructive power of nature! 

Switchable on fly gameplay modes
Switch between first/third person/strategy control on fly.

5 layers for high dynamics battles
Walk along the ground, fly into the air, digs into the ground, dive under the water, teleport in open space. Move at high speed in all directions and destroy your enemies everywhere!


We will not reveal all of our secrets and ingredients now that would keep your interest in the game!

Official soundtrack example:

This is soundtrack example was composed and recorded by our project lead - Cyril Megem.
If we reach our goal, we will be able to invite a lot of talented musicians and to create an orchestral soundtrack.






Crowdfunding gives us the opportunity to make the game be what it would like to see thousands of players, not just one publisher or investor.
This is a stretch goal funding step-by-step campaign because we have already spend so much time in this project and never give up that we will definitely release it - but the result of this campaign means a lot for how great the finished game will be. So please support us, tell your friends and participate in the discussion. We will do our best, and even more, so that you will be satisfied and will be able to proudly say: "Universum: War Front is there because of me!"

Cyril Megem worked hard on the game for free so far, but if we want to get to release any time soon then we're going to need enough funding to work on the game full time and the recruitment of new staff.  Below is a list of the things we need your support for:
- 3D & 2D art, animation and game design budget: to commission 3D models of units, vehicles, buildings and environment parts for each faction based on concept art.
- Programming budget: to finish programming part of the game and launch online version.
- Audio budget: to produce/license music, sound effects and voiceovers, and buy instrument sets for composing.
- Online game technical support budget: to rent for servers and customer support for online game.
- Basic living costs: To ensure that the main people on this project can work on it full time. Without a full time commitment from the core staff, this project really wouldn't be possible.



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